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Who thought Superman IV was a good idea?
What happened to make Troll 2 the way it is?
Where was Samurai Cop really found?
When should the Death Wish franchise have died?
Why does Tommy Wiseau have a secret pocket in his underpants?
Discover the answers to all these questions and more in The Bad Movie Bible (apart from the last one, I never did find out).

The Bad Movie Bible is the first authoritative attempt to make sense of the modern so bad it’s good phenomenon. It takes a look at what makes these movies awful, and why they can be so amusing. 


At its core it’s a guide to 101 of the most essential and enjoyable good-bad movies of the last 50 years. Movies so bad you might think Adam Sandler was responsible for them, but so funny it won’t be for long.


The book works both as a primer for those dipping their toes in the water, and an essential companion for fans who have long since fallen in. 


Author Rob Hill has spent 10 years as a film critic and writer, 15 years working in the film industry and a lifetime watching bad movies. Having grown up a genre fanatic during the heyday of VHS, and then gone on to work on movies like Jupiter Ascending, he’s well placed to understand what makes a movie bad.

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The ultimate guide to 101 of the best bad movies of the last 50 years. Includes exclusive interviews with heroes and villains as diverse as Dame Joan Collins and Tommy Wiseau, unseen images, analysis of the phenomenon and much more. All original material, none of the slovenly crap you get here.

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