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TOP 10 | Good Bad Post-Apocalypse Movies

11 Jul 2017

By my criteria a post-apocalypse movie must be set after a disaster has destroyed society as we know it. Movies set during an apocalypse, in a future dystopia that hasn't witnessed an apocalypse, or on another planet, don't count.




The Roller Blade Seven (1991)

I don't really want to recommend this, but if you're brave enough then give it a go. Be warned: it's so bad it may not be good. 




Equalizer 2000 (1987)

Richard Norton + the biggest gun = mankind's only chance of salvation. Pure Bad Max, and good honest fun.




Deathsport (1978)

Easily the best of the 158 post-apocalypse movies David Carradine starred in. Magic hobos and fascist thugs chase each other on futurecycles.




Hardware (1990)

A movie that might be really good, but probably isn't. Either way it's far more ambitious than most.




Damnation Alley (1977)

For all your lazy Sunday afternoon post-apocalypse needs. Hannibal Smith and Stringfellow Hawke are ex-military types with a massive truck and mutual enmity.




Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988)

Starring Roddy Piper as one of the Earth's last fertile men... in an exploding male chastity device.



The Sisterhood (1988)

A feminist take on the genre. Sort of. Women are enslaved by men and their only hope lies with The Sisterhood.




Robot Holocaust (1986)

Future rebels fight back against an automated dictator. Acting doesn't get funnier than this.




2019: After the Fall of New York (1983)

Escape from New York rip-off that's easily the best movie on here, so it can't be number one.




Run Like Hell (1995)

Quite simply a masterpiece of ineptitude. Few bad movies are this hilarious. In the future, all women are confined to prisons run by Robert Z'Dar. Four women escape and do very silly things.








Video: Run Like Hell in Under Three Minutes

 Rare Flix



Deathsport: David Carradine vs Door

 New Horizons Home Video 





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