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TOP 10 | Funny Bad Movie Montages

15 Sep 2017

Want to see Gary Daniels getting uncomfortably close to a little boy? How about a bunch of Vegas showgirls training to become commandos? If not there's always Shadoe Stevens blowing the shit out of every dodgy establishment in the neighbourhood, Bronson style.




American Streetfighter (1992)

Jake Tanner (Gary Daniels) trains for the big fight with the aid of a child he's only just met.

 Cine Excel Entertainment




Thunderstorm: The Return of Thor (2011)

Thunderstorm (Ray Besharah) learns how to use his new supersuit, as top scientist Earl (Randy Kismet) supervises.

 Tom Cat Films




Death Run aka Mutant City (1987)

Paul (Rob Bartlett) needs training. Shirtless training.

 Loose Screw Films




GetEven (1993)

In this egosploitation calamity Rick Bode (John de Hart) wants us to watch him workout. 

 Monarch Productions




Cool As Ice (1991)

Johnny (Vanilla Ice) and Kathy (Kristen Minter) celebrate falling in love by being the 1990s.

 Alive Films/UPHE




Hell Squad (1986)

Las Vegas showgirls train to become commandos for no reason.

Cinend/Genesis Home Video 




Food of the Gods II (1989)

This is about a scientist experimenting on protein molecules in an attempt to make smaller tomatoes. You'd be forgiven for thinking something more exciting was going on.





Run Like Hell (1995)

Jag the ninja (Henry Olivera) trains four prison escapees to survive in the desert.

 Rare Flix




High Kicks (1993)

After teaching aerobics instructor Sandy (Tara Lee-Anne Roth) kung fu, Sam (Dennis Swarthout), has to learn aerobics in return. 

 Tape Worm Video Distributors




Traxx (1988)

In what amounts to a Death Wish comedy, Traxx (the awesome Shadoe Stevens) takes it upon himself to clean up the town. This movie is fantastic.

De Laurentiis Entertainment Group







And if you're a complete masochist, there's always this from C Me Dance (2009), a sub-Pureflix message movie about a teenage Christian ballet dancer dying of cancer.


 Uplifting Entertainment 



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