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PICTURES | Neil Breen: Keeping Costs and Effort to a Minimum

23 Nov 2017

Few filmmakers make better or more extensive use of stock footage, and the Nevada desert, than Neil Breen. But what about the streets and homes you occasionally see in his movies? 


Below is a picture of Neil Breen outside his house (taking delivery of an Indycar you helped pay for).

If the house seems familiar there's good reason. Here it is in I Am Here... Now. It appears as multiple locations in multiple scenes.

Here it is in Fateful Findings during the opening flashback (note the distinctive rock arrangement at the base of the lamppost).

Neil Breen's garage also appears later in Fateful Findings

And, as we see from this picture of Neil Breen admiring his Indycar, he also owns the Ferrari Testarossa that appears in Fateful Findings...

and Double Down.

The interior of Neil Breen's house should be even more familiar to fans. His living/dining room features in both Double Down...

... and Fateful Findings (the table mats are even the same).

Apparently he bought a new coffee table in the late 2000s (visible in Fateful Findings but not Double Down).

In fact, in Fateful Findings Neil Breen manages to use his home for three different locations: Dylan's (Breen) house, Jim's (David Silva) house, and the hospital from the first act. (Note the blinds. Other shots also reveal the same carpet.) If you count exteriors it doubles for two further locations.

We can keep dialling in until we get to Neil Breen's bedsheets, and who wouldn't want to do that? They're used on both couples' beds in Fateful Findings...

and again in I Am Here... Now. These are three different locations and three different young, naked blonde women face down on Neil Breen's sheets.

And it's not just Neil Breen's home. We see the front of his office building in both Fateful Findings and I Am Here... Now.

God bless you, Neil.




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