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VIDEO | The Christmas Martian (1971) in Two Minutes

8 Dec 2017

Once a staple of French Canadian Christmas TV schedules, Le martien de Noel has quite rightly fallen into obscurity over the last few decades. Planned as Canada's first feature-length kid's movie, production began in the late 60s but soon ground to a halt when money ran out, leading adventurous (and superbly named) Montreal distributor Rock Demers to fund completion. The resulting experience is something akin to a Don Dohler take on E.T.



“Ooooh, that's very good, Frankie, the way you cleaned the snow off my launchpad.”



It's essentially just inadvertent double entendre, unsettling laughter and snow. There's no setup or character development, the alien and our juvenile leads are introduced in the opening moments and have revealed nothing of themselves an hour later when the credits roll. The camerawork has that familiar industrial promo quality - all austere long shots and abrupt editing. The acting is hard to gauge because of the extraordinary dubbing, which offers about the only entertainment beyond the deranged score. But this is one of those movies you can't really describe, best to let it explain itself:


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